BMW Radio iPhone Apps May Be On the Way for Fans of BMW in NJ

Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NON"The BMW Group and Stitcher are cooperating to make the Stitcher Smart Radio iPhone App compatible with vehicles equipped with the groundbreaking BMW Apps and MINI Connected technologies"BMW Press Club has reported.

The apps, once complete, will allow BMW and MINI drivers to access Stitcher radio app content safely and easily from their vehicle. BMW demonstrated the technology at SSSWI in Austin, Texas in March. When everything is ready for users, a simple update will enable all of the great new features, some of which are:


  • Seamless integration and control of Stitcher's services through the vehicle's infotainment system, which enables easy searches for content, the ability to provide feedback ("More Like This" and "Listeners Also Like"),  and fast forward and rewind control
  • The ability to create or remove custom stations on demand
  • High-resolution visual display featuring album art and convenient show/episode information, such as latest episodes, duration and whether the listener has already listened to the episode


Stitcher alone also provides other great features in their apps such as: personalized playlists of listener's favorite show, recommendation of other programs based on the listening preferences, the broadest selection of podcasta and live radio on-demand and SmartRadio, which enjoy a 5 star consumer rating and #1 ranking in the iTunes App store's news category. Stitcher is quality and so is BMW; they are a partnership made in heaven.


Stitcher and BMW are truly making some great new technology available to BMW and MINI drivers in their new partnership. Being able to safely and easily access Stitcher content in a BMW or MINI vehicle is a huge step in creating safer driving habits among the tech-savvy in 2012.


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